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The Mr Blamo Repository is currently your one-stop shop for Neptune Rising, formerly Poseidon Kodi addon. But you can still find the old Poseidon from the Kodil Repository. Do note that since Poseidon in its previous iteration is no longer updated, you may experience bugs and errors. Placenta is one of the best Covenant Forks we have seen so far and can be found in Mr Blamo’s Repository. The same one that recently released Neptune Rising (known as Poseidon until Soulless decided to retire and Mr. Blamo took over) and Death Streams (a Stream All The Sources fork originally developed by TKnorris).. The interface of the add-on is similar to Covenant but the developer This is yet another creation from Mr. Blamo, the Exodus developer. Well, this is the last addon created by him, before leaving the kodi community.

Cómo disponer Neptune Rising en Kodi -

These kodi add-ons are the third-party add-ons.

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Enter http:// in the top box – Enter BLAMO in the bottom. 25 Apr 2019 The Mr. Blamo repo has been changed from and is currently located to the new URL or  Blamo Repo shut down: Mr Blamo (developer) said 'I am done for good'.

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It is the descendant of the Poseidon and the Covenant Addons. Neptune Rising is the great offering which focuses on the movies and TV Shows. A step by step tutorial for the install of the new URL for mr. blamo repo! Mr-Blamo-Repo. Mr Blamo's repository for Video Addons Shell 22 48 zips.

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Cómo disponer Neptune Rising en Kodi -

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